Planning is the key to keeping a financial plan harmonious.

Our holistic approach means better care all around.



By approaching all financial decisions in the arena of full-disclosure, we show clients how their financial picture can be balanced and effective to achieve the ideal financial model. We see how your income, assets, liabilities, and insurance may be optimally positioned, coordinated, and integrated.


By increasing the efficient and effective use of your money, our strategies provide a way to accentuate the most advantageous properties of any financial instrument, while minimizing its disadvantages. After our strategies are implemented, a powerful picture emerges of how to design and manage a personal wealth-building plan that will stand the test of time and provide a thriving financial game plan.


We all want to feel our financial life is organized, flexible, and easy to manage and control. That said, how many times has each of the financial professionals in your life been in a room to discuss YOU (your CPA, real estate agent, banker, attorney, money manager, and home/car agent). We look at all our clients’ financial pieces. We show you how they work together to create a solid financial strategy.


We do the right thing even when no one is watching. We build long-term relationships by delivering client-focused advice and strategies - not products.


We believe in strategy - not products.

We are the leaders in strategically designed life insurance plans. We, unfortunately, realize typical insurance tactics squeeze people into one-size-fits-all products. This usually leaves people overwhelmed and unprepared. We create a coordinated and integrated strategy turning insurance from a cost into a powerful asset.

Business Consulting

“Unifying strategic growth and cost reduction benefits for our business clients.”

Our firm targets small businesses, helping them plan and detect areas critical to accelerating profitability and reducing unnecessary expenses. Our seasoned experts average over 20-years of experience in a wide range of industries. Like our name implies, while we might not be your benefits provider or merchant services processor, we do analyze the entire Symphony. We bring the same focused scrutiny to your business processes as we do your financial statements. From budget analysis to unnecessary fees, we can help your business operate more efficiently.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm specializes in finding the right buyers for business sellers, and the right sellers for business buyers. We offer value-added broker services and only earn a fee when there is a successful transaction.

Risk Management

Managing Risk for Long Term Strategic Growth

We specialize in properly structured risk management plans to ensure that your business is sufficiently funded to replace and retain key employees. It is important to note, in many cases, we can turn the funding of these strategies into non-qualified benefits to enhance retirement benefits for those key employees. We can make this a significant win-win scenario.